Guide to Travel the World with Less or No Money

Guide to Travel the World with Less or No Money
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Guide to Travel the World with Less or No Money in the best effective way.

One of the biggest illusions that everyone in this world thinks about is that you need to be rich to travel. The biggest thing that holds everyone back from travelling is money. The simple answer to every question is you do not need to be rich to travel.

The fact that often proves to be true is that limited-budget travel is a big challenge and often turns out to be memorable and holds on to a lot of memories. All the good things in life are available for free or come at no cost, like happiness.

Here are some simple tips and tricks which can change the way to travel around the globe with little or no budget.

A Job Abroad

Working as you travel does not interest many people. But if you desire to build a career as you travel, you will always need to fund the next adventure trip which you wish to take. One of the biggest advantages of working overseas is that you meet new people from different countries and share various experiences which turn out to be memorable movements of life.

Search Cheap Flight Online

Using flight comparison websites like Skyscanner can help you in getting cheap flights around the world with just one click. There are many other websites that help you get cheaper flights around the year. Booking flights in advance get in more amounts discounts. Savings on flight tickets can help in building up a good amount of money for your next trip.

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Use of Public Transport

If the distance seems to be demanding, then it can be covered by using public transport. Using public transport is not only cheaper than other modes of travelling, but it’s a very good way to navigate around a new place and meet people, and know about the place from locals. Some places in the world offer good value weekly public transport passes, which offer better value for money deals than regular tickets.

Road Trip

A road trip is one of the best ways to avoid those extra budgets on journeys, flights and other expenses. These trips also allow you to explore different places and the whole country at your own pace and time.

Stay with locals for free.

Couchsurfing connects travellers from around the world with locals willing to accommodate them for FREE. Using Couchsurfing, you never have to pay for accommodation. Over the years, because of the rise of sharing in the last few years, there are now websites that offer a free stay with locals but also share meals and rides. Using these services, you can save a lot of money.


A freeway to travel around the destination, and it is quite safe in many parts of the world. Hitchhike is the best way to cover long-distance transport across the countries.

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Cook your own meals.

The best way to save money while you travel is by cooking your own meals. Many hostels, guesthouses, rooms and even Couchsurfing hosts have a kitchen where you can cook your meals on the go. Spending lots of money while you travel does not make sense unless the place serves something different which is not available in other parts of the world.

Sleep while you travel.

While you’re travelling a long distance by any mode of transport, make sure you travel at night, this could save the cost of a night’s accommodation.

Rent Bike

Bikes are an extremely cost-effective way to get around a place and, at the same time, keep you active. After walking for a mile or so, everyone probably might get tired, but bikes are definitely the best move you could take. Renting a bike and travelling around on a bike can be helpful in exploring a city or town.

Use the right apps.

Using the right apps while you travel can be a good source of information. Some travel resource applications can save money with just a few taps. Instead of struggling around a new place searching for a good and affordable place to stay and eat, this application can be a solution to all your travel needs.

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Plan in advance

Planning in advance about your next travel destination can prove to be helpful. This also gives a broad view of money-saving and gives a lot of time to do research about a particular place and grab the best deals.

Avoid expensive countries

Avoid travelling to expensive places where the cost of food and accommodation is higher, there are many ways to travel to such places on a budget, but it could be difficult to travel around the place on a budget. Doing some research and planning before you choose a destination can help in saving a lot of money and time. Searching for budget-friendly countries can be helpful. Most of the Southeast Asian, African and European countries are affordable.

Offseason Travel

Travelling off-season to any destination can bring down the cost instantly. Flight prices during the peak season can be double as compared to the regular cost. Not only are the flight rates but the combined price of accommodation, food and tours also likely to be much more. Proper timing of your trip to a particular season when crowds are not much and also the weather is acceptable can save too much money.

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