Bar Stock Exchange Pune, Trade for your Drinks with Real Time Price Updates

Bar Stock Exchange Pune
Bar Stock Exchange Pune

The Bar Stock Exchange, which is also known as TBSE is one of its kind first stock market-based pub chain where you decide the price of the booze starting at MRP prices. The prices keep changing in real time based on the real-time demand which gives a similar experience to trading stock in the stock market. The prices are been displayed on the LCDs and for more convincing of the customers they also have an application which available for both iOS and Android.

Bar Stock Exchange Pune
Bar Stock Exchange Pune -Interiors

Coming to the quality of alcohol and food served, you might have hardly seen places which have good drinks and food as well. But you can clearly expect this from Bar Stock Exchange they have some of the best dishes in town with their in-house chief making some magic with the preparation and food. Every outlet of The Bar Stock Exchange is based on a theme,

Bar Stock Exchange Pune
Bar Stock Exchange Pune – Interiors

The Bar Stock Exchange Balewadi outlet is completely based on the gangster theme with walls and ceiling flashing out quotes and pictures. There is also a wall which has hammers and stuff which belong to the world of gangsters.

Bar Stock Exchange Pune
Bar Stock Exchange Pune – Walls
Bar Stock Exchange Pune
Bar Stock Exchange Pune – Decorative Wall

TBSE, Balewadi has two bar sections with indoor and outdoor seating and two floors of indoor seating. Both the floors have an independent bar section which makes it easy to grab drinks faster. The place serves everything right from North Indian, Mexican, Burger, Finger Food, Italian, Continental and Chinese. Based on the food being served you could probably order anything from the menu and get the best taste and preparation of a particular dish is ordered.

Bar Stock Exchange Pune
Bar Stock Exchange Pune – Seating
Bar Stock Exchange Pune
Bar Stock Exchange – Seating
Bar Stock Exchange Pune
Bar Stock Exchange Pune – Seating Arrangements

What was served?


Crispy Corn with Birds Eye Chili: Crispy friend corns tossed in a spicy chilly and spices with a squeeze of lemon builds up a good Chakana. The overall spice, flavours, crisp of corn and taste makes it a good starter which is highly recommended and should not be missed on.

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Bar Stock Exchange
Crispy Corn with Birds Eye Chili

Basil Garlic Paneer Tikka: Grilled malai paneer with basil pesto served with sauces and onion. Although there was a little drop down here as the paneer cubes were not much into marination.

Bar Stock Exchange Pune
Basil Garlic Paneer Tikka

Calamari Techa: Seafood lovers should definitely try this, well fried crispy calamari tossed in techa and also served with spicy techa. The dish served is flavourful, a little to the spicy side. If you like to have spicy seafood than this is something you should order.

Bar Stock Exchange Pune
Calamari Techa

Butter Podi Idli: This is not just Idli but a dish made out of idli as a base with butter and podi which is spice powder. The combination of everything makes out a good dish.

Bar Stock Exchange Pune
Butter Podi Idli

Mazedar Maggi: Crispy Maggi noodles with lime sauce and Thai red chilli. The taste of Mazedar Maggi was good had a different taste which you would probably not find anywhere around.

Bar Stock Exchange Pune
Mazedar Maggi

Misal Pav Fondue: Misal Pav is a Maharashtrian delicacy, but the Misal Pav Fondue served at TBSE comes with misal, farsan garnished with chopped onions and melted cheese, served with a toasted pav. The dish is been served as a veg and non-veg dish. The non-veg misal pav had boneless chicken pieces. Both tasted really well and were delicious. If you come around this place and a misal lover, you should really not miss out on this dish.

Bar Stock Exchange Pune
Misal Pav Fondue

Amritsar Kulcha Platter: The platter consisted of three mini kulcha, Pindi chole, raw onion and pickle which altogether made up a good combination. The stuffing was soft and the taste was just amazing with its extraordinary combination.

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Bar Stock Exchange Pune
Amritsar Kulcha Platter

Karare Tandoori Ande: This is boiled eggs stuffed with tandoori masala and mint flavoured mayo. The overall work in putting in flavours with masala deep inside the egg is really tricky but the dish still stands out and the way it’s been presented is just unique. The flavours are good and medium spicy.

Bar Stock Exchange Pune
Karare Tandoori Ande

Lemon Chicken Kebab: The dish mainly was a combination of lemon and chicken. The flavour was simple and natural which went well with the preparation.

Bar Stock Exchange Pune
Lemon Chicken Kebab

Cheese Garlic Jhinga: Prawns marinated in cashew nut paste, cheese and fried garlic. The presentation and flavours of the prawns were rich, creamy and amazing. The prawns were well blended Pizza

Bar Stock Exchange
Cheese Garlic Jhinga

Meat Lovers Pizza: The Pizza was good with roasted chicken, sausages, chicken tikka and malwani with barbeque flavours. The pizza base was crispy and thin with a good amount of cheese and garnished with barbeque sauces. The taste was good.

Bar Stock Exchange Pune
Meat Lovers Pizza

Corn and Chili Pizza: This is a square shape pizza with overloaded corn and chilli with hot garlic sauce.

Bar Stock Exchange Pune
Corn and Chili Pizza

Main Course at Bar Stock Exchange Pune

Palak Dal Khichdi: Dal khichdi with a flavour of palak and served with pickle, papad, sliced onions and garnished with coriander leaves. This was the best khichdi served ever. The balanced flavours and multiple varieties of side dishes made up a good combination.

Bar Stock Exchange Pune
Palak Dal Khichdi

Butter Chicken with Anda Fried Rice: This was a much-appreciated dish. The flavour was rich, creamy with a tangy taste of tomato. The Butter chicken was well prepared and good soft chicken with a spoon of cream, the dish was served with anda fried rice. The overall combination went well and tasted too good. This must be considered when you are here next time.

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Bar Stock Exchange Pune
Butter Chicken with Anda Fried Rice

Grilled Fish with Podi Butter and Spicy Gravy: Grilled fish served with spicy gravy, ghee rice and podi butter. The rice was well prepared with well cooked creamy gravy.

Bar Stock Exchange Pune
Grilled Fish with Podi Butter and Spicy Gravy

Many Cheese Mac and Cheese: Cheese macaroni flavoured with herbs and jalapeno and served with bread, the dish was delicious and cheese. If you are a cheese lover you really should not miss out on this dish.

Bar Stock Exchange Pune
Many Cheese Mac and Cheese

Momma’s Rocky Road Sundae: This is for dessert lovers. It consisted of chocolate syrup, brownie, nuts, caramel and topped with vanilla ice-cream. The dessert was one hell of taste and must try when your here.

Bar Stock Exchange Pune
Momma’s Rocky Road Sundae

Death by Chocolate: Chocolate cake served with vanilla ice-cream, the cake was rich and filled with chocolate, chocolate sauce and good creamy ice cream.

Bar Stock Exchange Pune
Death by Chocolate

The place serves some of the best combination and unique level of tasty food with a very consistent flavor and punch. Every dish has been served had its own innovation with a great quality of taste and quantity of food. The ambiance of the place fits in well with good music and combination of good food and booze. The portion of size been served is enough to serve two people.


I was invited to a complimentary food tasting at the restaurant. This blog is a narrative of my experience. These are my personal views you are most welcome to accept or deny the same. I’ve got no affiliations with the restaurant nor I’m doing this as a part of a paid promotion. I have not lifted, copied or plagiarized it from any source either. However, I have done my due diligence via publicly available information on the internet and as shared by the client/PR agency.

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